Season 4: #35 -"4 Things You NEED For Confidence" with Henry Ammar

In this podcast episode, Henry Ammar shares the four things you need in order to develop confidence.

He talks about important principles on building real confidence as well as how to apply them in your life to make an impact in your life and the world.

Sharing his personal experiences and the journey of developing confidence, this episode helps you understand how to develop confidence and the profound impact confidence will have.

Tune in as Henry discusses:

  • A different insight on confidence
  • The four Cs of confidence
  • Process of developing real breakthroughs 
  • Using confidence in navigating resistance and fear
  • Internal beliefs and feelings about oneself
  • Gaining clarity about your goals and desires in various areas of life
  • The shift from fear-based living to love-based living
  • Being present and powerful
  • The role of confidence in effective leadership and making a positive impact

This is a powerful and important episode!

Confidence affects everything you do! This will show you what you need to develop it.

Enjoy this episode! 


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