Season 4: #43 - "How TV Star and Dancer Ashleigh Di Lello Used the Power of Bio Emotional Healing to Heal Her Mind, Body, and Heart"

On this podcast episode, Henry Ammar interviews the amazing Ashleigh Di Lello.

You may know Ashleigh from So You Think You Can Dance, Broadway, or the Ellen Degeneres Show, but what you may not know is that she overcomes all odds by using what she calls bio emotional healing.

If you want to know what your body is really capable of, you need to listen to Ashleigh’s unimaginable story of being diagnosed with terminal illness at 13.

She didn’t survive just because she got lucky.

She survived because she knew how to listen to her own body. Deep down she knew that she cannot die so she willed her body to live.

Tune in to hear Ashleigh’s incredible story and learn:

We’re not taught to trust our intuition enough.

We’re not taught how to harness a deeper connection between our body and our mind.

Ashleigh’s story really opened my eyes to how much more power we can unleash when our body becomes aligned with the vision we want to create for our lives.

Tune in to the episode now!


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