Season 4: #28 - "Empowerment Is NOT Enough: You Also Need This!" with Henry Ammar

In this powerful solo episode, Henry Ammar explains why “getting empowered” is not enough to overcome inner blocks and transcend into your most powerful and successful self.

Most people, coaches, and programs understand empowerment as “keep going no matter what happens”, but did you know that this approach does more harm than good?

What you resist will persist, and in this incredibly power-packed episode, we will redefine what true, healthy empowerment looks like.

Tune in to gain a deeper, science-backed understanding of:

  • What patterns you run that keep you trapped and stuck in life
  • Why pushing away emotions leads to more burnout and resistance
  • How to release shame, resistance, and burnout
  • The difference between being with your emotions vs. in your emotions
  • The importance of pausing first in order to truly move forward later
  • How to overcome high functioning anxiety
  • The difference between your subconscious and conscious minds
  • Living, accepting, and honoring all your emotions as they come to you
  • What real “empowerment” feels like and how to actually achieve it 
  • Harnessing the powerful gift of choice in your present to create your desired future

This episode is an absolute must-listen for everyone who’s ever experienced high functioning anxiety and always feels the need to “go, go, go” all the time. 

You’ll learn research-based principles of human behavior, neuroscience, and trauma healing that I’ve been obsessively studying for 26 years.

You don’t want to miss it! These principles will help you identify your emotions, process them in a loving way, and finally transcend them in order to step into a more powerful, liberated, and successful future.

Tune in and enjoy!

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