Season 4: #37 - "From Homeless Teen To Millionaire Author: Principles for Success" with Marvin Peake

On this podcast episode, Henry Ammar interviews the incredible Marvin Peake for an unforgettable discussion on how to find your cosmic, divinely-given strength when all the odds are against you.

His journey from homeless, unwanted teen to multi-million dollar business builder and author is literally like something out of a movie.
This episode is packed with a lot of practical and powerful wisdom that you could apply to help you understand and improve both yourself, and your relationships.

This is NOT just another rags to riches story. Marvin was literally thrown into the streets as a teenager, completely cut out and unsupported by an alcoholic mother.

He has so many jaw-dropping stories to share and I am super excited for you to learn the principles and actionable techniques you can start implementing right now to create abundance and power in your life.

Tune in for a deep discussion into:

  • The process of getting comfortable with discomfort and lack of certainty
  • Everything in the universe is already yours
  • Why to stop seeing the world through a lens of pain and suffering
  • Why living in comfort and certainty is the worst thing that can happen to you
  • Why your presence in this world at this time has so much cosmic significance 
  • How to harness your purpose and your gift which cannot exist without your presence
  • Becoming the force that creates certainty and comfort in your own life when the outer world doesn’t give you any

If you feel stuck in life and you’re unsure of what your place is in this life and how much you really deserve, this is your sign from the universe to watch this episode.

Tune in now and enjoy!

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