Season 4: #41 - "Manifestation, Self-Love, and Confidence: How does it work?" Lessons From Jon Hillstead

In this episode, Henry interviews the incredible Jon Hillstead for a super important discussion on how to hit reset on a life that doesn’t fulfill you.

Jon went from crippling social anxiety and being on the brink of suicide to growing and evolving so much he’s now sharing the modalities and principles that helped him get to the level of growth and freedom he’s embodying now.

Tune in now to learn:

There’s so much noise out there on what people need to be doing right now to keep growing and the truth is it doesn’t always work for everyone.

That’s why it’s so refreshing to hear Jon share the modalities that worked for him because they’re based on listening to your body, learning to trust your gut, and finding an elevated sense of peace and safety within yourself. It’s a must-listen for anyone ready to take their next step in life!

Episode is out now! Tune in and enjoy.


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