Season 4: #10 - "Overcoming Fears" with Henry Ammar

In this podcast episode, Henry Ammar dives deep into why we hold ourselves back when we know we are made for bigger, better things. He shares a trauma-informed approach to help you go beyond your fears to finally tap into your biggest ambitions in life.

He explains why we face so much resistance leaving our comfort zones and some fundamental things we can do to heal from our past traumas. If you’re ready to move on from your fears and stop playing small when you know you can go big, this podcast episode is for you!

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I’m also super excited to announce that the Mastermind is back! I’m hand selecting a group of people to join me for an intensive, 8 week course. If you know you’re made to achieve greater things but just can’t get through certain fears, I’ll help you break through with deep, subconscious sessions to get to the root of your past traumas.

I’ve seen this work miracles in the past and I promise you this experience will completely transform your life. Whether it’s in your relationships or your career, breaking away from fear means more confidence, more authenticity, and just living your life the way you’ve always wanted to live it.

If you’re ready to change your life this is for you! Enrollment is now open! Spots are limited so sign up here👉🏼

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