Season 4: #32 -"Self Esteem, Confidence, and a Fulfilled Life: What you Need to Know" With Rudi Riekstins.

On this podcast episode, Henry Ammar interviews the incredible Rudi Riekstins for a super important discussion on how to live a life with real value, meaning, and purpose.

Plus, we’ll share what happens to people who don’t lead a life of meaning!

This is an unmissable episode that goes over:

  • What does a life of meaning actually mean
  • Why so many millionaires and billionaires are deeply unfulfilled despite everything they have
  • Why your life is not lived just for your sake
  • The difference between having money and living in abundance
  • Why the majority of people live in constant stress - and how to break free!
  • A science-based method for replacing feelings of overwhelm, helplessness, and stress with confidence and inner peace
  • How to identify your real purpose in life
  • Being mindful of the emotions and thoughts that dominate us
  • The importance of relationships that help you love every single part of you

It was truly so inspiring to discuss what it means to live with impact, purpose, and absolute abundance with someone who’s journey was so similar to mine.

Tune in for an incredible conversation where Henry Ammar and Rudi Riekstins discuss how you too can go from deep insecurity to being an impactful, loving, empowering force in people’s lives.

Enjoy this episode!


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