Season 4: #33 -"Unmasked, Vulnerable, And Breaking Free: Stories And Principles to Overcome Struggles" With Kathryn Gordon

In this podcast episode, Henry Ammar interviews the absolutely inspirational Kathryn Gordon for a real, raw discussion on how to make our relationships and commitments to ourselves work.

After navigating a career, a rocky marriage, and being a mom all while dealing with drug addiction from her teen years, alcoholism, binging, and her struggles with sobriety, Kathryn is now selflessly dedicated to helping others work through the issues that troubled her. 

Tune in as Kathryn and Henry discuss:

  • Why hitting rock bottom is a blessing
  • Having faith that you CAN overcome addiction and unhealthy habits
  • Overcoming the shame that comes with addiction and unhealthy coping habits
  • Having a “good enough” life is a mindset that keeps you stuck
  • What sobriety purgatory is and how to overcome it
  • Signs that you’re ready to move on from unhealthy habits
  • Why self-love must be at the root of everything you do and say if you want to move on
  • The foundational must-haves you and your partner need to put into your relationship to make it work
  • Why there is no healing without love
  • What NOT to do to put people in defense mode - whether it’s in a long term relationship or a casual conversation
  • Acting in fear turns your biggest strengths to your biggest weaknesses

Regardless of whether you or someone around you is dealing with addiction, sobriety, or relationship issues, this episode is unmissable.

Everyone knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom, and everyone knows what it’s like to feel shame but not enough people talk about how to manage these tensions within us.

That’s why Kathryn’s complete transparency and raw honesty is so amazing. It’s rare to see someone so open about their struggles and the ups and downs of their healing journey.

Enjoy this episode!


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