Season 4: #34 -"What It REALLY Takes For Healthy, Passionate Relationships: Real Talk" with Henry and Terrin Ammar

In this podcast episode, Henry Ammar interviews his lovely wife, Terrin Ammar of The Queen Kollective, who is a trauma-informed practitioner.

They dove deep into a discussion on the feminine and the masculine, polarity and how to create a more passionate and intimate relationship. This is a practical but powerful conversation as they come together and tell stories that are close to home and discuss powerful principles that they’ve come to discover through their relationship that anyone, whether single or in a relationship can apply to their own lives.

Tune in as Terrin and Henry discuss:

  • Discovering and Breaking through patterns
  • How healing the past and releasing your belief systems can help you with your relationship
  • Doing the inner work to attract the relationship or the person you want
  • The questions that you should be asking yourself to get you started on your inner work
  • What healthy and safe masculinity feels like
  • Understanding the Feminine and its needs
  • Understanding Polarity
  • Discovering your triggers so you don’t operate on a fear-based state
  • Why there is no healing without love
  • Dealing with trauma with co-regulation

Regardless of whether you’re single or in a relationship, this podcast episode will provide you with practical principles that you can apply to your life to attract the relationship or the person you want.

Terrin and Henry really went deep and intimate into citing real-life, intimate stories that would bring so much more light into the topics they covered.

Enjoy this episode!


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