Season 4: #39 - "World Expert on Anxiety Shares the Truth About Anxiety (Tools Included)" with Dr. Russell Kennedy

On this super informative podcast episode, Henry Ammar interviews neurologist Dr. Russell Kennedy to uncover how traditional medicine fails those seeking treatment for anxiety and trauma.

As a neurologist who also practices cutting edge healing modalities, Dr. Kennedy beaks down a refreshing, holistic view on healing that focuses on the body and spirit instead of just the mind.

Check out this episode to learn:

  • Why so many traditional “cures” for anxiety don’t actually work long-term
  • The difference between simply coping vs healing
  • Where trauma and anxiety really come from
  • Methods and guided techniques for identifying the source of your trauma and anxiety
  • Why so many people deny they have trauma, to begin with
  • What a trauma blindspot is and how to overcome it
  • How abandonment and abuse in childhood affects all future relationships 
  • Why anxious people must listen to their body more than to their mind
  • How your body keeps track of all the painful emotions you lock away
  • What happens when you don’t heal and all your pent-up emotions come out 

Not only does Dr. Kennedy combine traditional and non-traditional healing modalities, but he's also suffered from anxiety for most of his life. This isn't another doctor suggesting more coping mechanisms that might or might not work. This is someone who knows firsthand how it feels to be overcome by anxiety and what you need to do to heal for good.

Tune in now!


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