Season 5: #6 "Faith, Fitness, and Fatherhood: Surviving Darkness" with Kyle Carnahan

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In this powerful episode, we dive deep into the extraordinary journey of Kyle Carnahan, the founder of Superhuman Fathers. From financial devastation in 2008 to becoming a beacon of strength and transformation, Kyle's story is one of resilience, faith, and relentless pursuit of purpose.

Discover how he rebuilt his life from rock bottom to building a movement dedicated to empowering men and families. .

Kyle shares his profound insights on overcoming people-pleasing tendencies, the importance of resistance in growth, and the incredible power of faith. 

His raw honesty and powerful anecdotes, including his journey through doubt and rediscovery of God, offer invaluable lessons for anyone looking to break free from their limitations.

Listeners will gain:

  • Inspirational lessons on turning failures into fuel for success.
  • Practical advice on balancing strength and compassion as a father and leader.
  • Insights into the transformative power of discipline and purpose.
  • A deeper understanding of embracing faith and navigating life's darkest moments.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to elevate their life, embrace their true potential, and lead with authenticity and courage. 

Tune in and get ready to be inspired by Kyle Carnahan’s incredible story of transformation and empowerment.


00:00 Introduction and Authenticity

02:07 Kyle's Journey to Superhuman Fathers

09:18 Discipline and Emotional Control

16:25 Becoming a Superhuman Father

25:08 The Power of Facing Resistance and Challenges

27:45 Speaking the Truth and Embracing Uncomfortable Conversations

29:13 Finding Inner Freedom by Stepping into the Darkness


Enjoy the Episode!




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