Season 5: #4 Heal Trauma, Take Back Your Power: Understanding Your Nervous System" With Expert Mastin Kipp

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In this long-awaited episode, Henry interviews the incredible trauma expert Mastin Kipp.

He’s a trailblazer who’s impacting millions by giving them a blueprint for creating lasting change internally on a biological, neurological level.

But this is so much more than a simple breakdown of how the nervous system works. It’s a compassionate confrontation with the unresolved emotions that are holding us back.

As Mastin said during our discussion, “Everyone has trauma,” and resolving our individual traumas is a problem many people are not solving.

And it’s leading to dysregulation in relationships, a decrease on your impact, internal shame from messy emotions from your past … and so much more.

There are sooo many more groundbreaking insights to unpack from this episode.

And the great news is Mastin’s new book, “Reclaim Your Nervous System,” has just been released this week! It’s so good!

This is such an important episode and I highly recommend you check it out, especially if you have patterns of avoiding emotions in general.

I’m so excited for you to unlock the amazing, life-changing advice Mastin has to offer.

It is soooo good!

Enjoy the episode!



00:00 Introduction and Appreciation

02:02 Overview of 'Reclaim Your Nervous System'

05:27 The Importance of the Nervous System

08:26 Understanding the Role of the Nervous System in Healing

12:24 The Impact of Trauma and Emotional Wellness

20:17 Improving Your Relationship with Your Emotions

25:27 Overcoming Fear of Emotions and Building Safety

29:17 Codependency vs. Co-regulation

31:59 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

36:11 Addressing Trauma for Personal and Planetary Well-being

44:29 Regression with Safety and Rewiring the Nervous System

49:20 Hope, Pragmatism, and the Operating System of Healing

Enjoy the Episode!


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