Season 5: #1 How to Break Your Limits. You Need This Breakthrough Now!" with Henry Ammar

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In this powerful solo episode, Henry shares the recent massive revelation he’s had in his own life and how much it will be shifting.

This episode is a little different, it is a heart to heart directly from Henry to the community.

It is also an open invitation for anyone who is ready to break through and unleash their powerful purpose to start creating absolute inner freedom for themselves.

We’re talking about transformational change on an internal and external level. We’re talking about psychological and emotional liberation from a deep, subconscious place inside that will resolve the blocks keeping you stuck.

This is no longer about changing your behavior, this is about getting underneath the hood and discovering what exactly is happening inside you on a nervous system level.

One of the biggest takeaways from this episode is that you are not your limits.

Your limits are created by your nervous system and by your subconscious programming based on past experiences. And if you can reach inside your programming you can change the beliefs, patterns, and identities you hold that no longer serve you.

You no longer have to stay caged.

There is a way to break free and this short, power-packed episode will explain exactly what you need to do to go from inner fear to inner freedom, from scarcity to abundance, from anxiety to liberation.

Enjoy this episode!


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