Season 5: #3 “Heal Trauma, Release Shame, and Learn Self-Love” with expert Dr. Frank Anderson

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Henry Ammar once again interviews trauma expert Dr. Frank Anderson for a long-awaited, powerful discussion on how love heals trauma. 

In this incredible, raw, vulnerable episode, Dr. Anderson opens up about his painful childhood, seeking approval from his family, struggling to authentically live his truth, and how all these traumatic experiences got him to where he is today. 

This is one of our most important episodes yet because it raises so many life-altering questions that anyone trying to resolve past traumas needs to answer, like:

“How do I forgive my family for the trauma they’ve caused me?”

“What if the people from my trauma-story aren’t ready to hear me?”

“Why can’t I stop feeling ashamed of what I’ve done in the past?”

These are questions we all struggle with and Dr. Anderson answers them so lovingly yet backed by science and wisdom.

Because he is not just a trauma survivor; he is a renowned expert who’s studied at Harvard, is a renowned Keynote speaker and author on trauma. 

This is an absolute MUST-listen for anyone who’s struggled with:

  • Not having a safe home growing up
  • Feeling pressured to hide who you really are 
  • Releasing shame from your past 
  • Giving compassion and grace to people who’ve hurt you 
  • Hiding your authentic self out of fear 

He has an upcoming book, “To Be Loved” (it is so good!!!) that we also discussed in this episode and it is so good!!! 


00:00 Introduction and Overview of the Book

03:04 Healing Trauma and the Journey to Self-Love

09:59 The Impact of Seeking Love from Caretakers

15:53 The Power of Authenticity and Compassion

23:09 Introduction to Transgenerational Trauma

25:04 Opening Up to Something Larger Than Ourselves

26:25 Understanding Our Family History

27:37 Starting with Love to Discover Truth

30:27 Unpacking and Releasing Transgenerational Trauma

34:49 Differentiating and Addressing Protective Energy

36:25 Releasing to Create Space for Elevation

38:23 Navigating Success and Overcoming Internal Resistance

39:20 The Importance of Self-Love and Compassion

42:47 Joining the Collective Journey of Healing


Enjoy the episode!



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