Season 5: PRE-LAUNCH

Season 5: PRE-LAUNCH "The REAL Reason You Are Stuck...Backed By Science" with Henry Ammar

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In this value-packed, powerful episode, Henry Ammar breaks down what is happening inside us that keeps us stuck.

If you’re trying to reach your next level and make a difference but you keep hitting the same blocks or resistance, you’re about to find out why your body does this and what’s on the other side.

Tune in to learn:

Why your body goes into panic mode or feels stuck Why you feel so much misalignment with the future you really want How can you master your emotions so they don’t master you What to do when you face limits or resistance The 7 essential pillars of success and how to apply them Why you need to change your relationship to fear if you want to move forward A simple, evidence-based understanding to: Releasing traumas from the past Empowering yourself in the present Reprogramming your subconscious for your desired future Enjoy this episode!



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In the Inner Circle you will spend 3 months with Henry and an amazing, hand-selected group of people to learn what Henry took 26 years to master that would MAKE A GREATER IMPACT AND CREATE MORE SUCCESS AND FULFILLMENT FOR YOURSELF AND EVERYONE YOU LOVE. Join us and make a difference for the ret of your life.

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