The Ultimate Impact Institute for Leadership was created by Henry to give leaders and corporations powerful, science-backed tools to increase their impact and bottom line through an influential, trauma-informed, and empowering proven leadership approach.

Henry has worked with celebrities, billionaires, influencers, executives, and leaders to help them in their personal lives and with the impact they have on those in whom they influence. 

If you are interested in the life-changing impact that Henry can have on your leadership, executive team, and/or organization, please inquire below.

Henry will do more than just change your company for the better. He will come into your organization, empower the lives of the people who will then impact your company, taking it to the next level.
Mauli B
Working with Henry Ammar has changed my life. I know, I know, it sounds like an exaggeration, but 6 months of life coaching has proven to be more effective for my life than the last decade I spent in therapy (though therapy is great for self-awareness, Henry's methods helped me implement the actual CHANGE I wanted from that awareness). Kind, compassionate, full of passion and knowledge, working with Henry has not only helped me structure my life in the image that I want, but I have made a lifelong friend and collaborator ”
-Anna Akana
I started my healing journey in 2013.I did talk therapy and read every major self help book out there. I didn't think I needed Henry's mastermind because I had already worked through so much. But I didn't realize how much I had been trying to " think " my way to healing.The mastermind helped me integrate my healing, rewire my subconscious, and learn new responses and habits. I've had more growth in the 3 months of the course than the last 8 years of therapy combined.The course does this by starting with helping you understand your past and what patterns you've been running. Then it teaches you how to become aware of your emotions and lovingly experience them. The last portion of the course helps you learn new patterns to create a better future.I can't fully describe the peace that has settled in my life. I couldn't recommend it highly enough. If you're on the fence, take the jump. It's completely worth it.”
-Melissa H
“ The world needs more "Henrys!"
When I find something that has truly changed my life, I want to share it!Henry Ammar not only can stand on a stage and command the presence of Tens of thousands ...He knows how to change just one soul at a time. He will show you how to find your power no matter what your roadblocks may be.I completed Henry's 8 week "Mastermind" program. And to say it changed the course of my life is an understatement. Trust me. Do it!And feel free to message me or call me with any questions you have about it.
-Jessica H